christina wendt is a sculptress, or "human designer. her artistic goal is characterized by an intense interest in people, through life experience in a variety of forms through the dedicated intervention in social relations. Her human figures lack any civilizational attributes and yet are sophisticated and charismatic personalities of contemporary witnesses. As three-dimensional snapshots, as monumentalised character studies, they point us in the everyday lovable arrogance on the weaknesses and humanity in the here and now. They communicate with each other and their environment. As a viewer wants to / in we see the mirror that we are held up and inspire us to self-questioning.
short biography
1948 born in luzern, switzerland
1965 - 1968 ceramics apprenticeship with margrit linck, bern, switzerland.
1968 - 1971 study visits to spain and israel
From 1971 own workshop in bern
1987 - 1992 women's prison hindelbank: development and management ceramics and employment workshop
1992 - 1995 project with young people in rio de janeiro, brazil
1995 - 1998 cooperating / coordinating drug projects in switzerland and abroad
from 1998 pure sculptural work in switzerland and spain
  participa en exposiciones individuales y colectivas en el país y el extranjero